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Real-Time Data in Motion: Visual Data Discovery for IBM Cognos TM1 Users

Title: Visual Data Discovery for IBM Cognos TM1 Users
Date: Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Time: 1:00 pm ET / 10:00 am PT

Join our webcast and learn how to use Visual Data Discovery to realize even more value from your IBM Cognos TM1 investment!

During our event we will demonstrate how to:
  • Design your own dashboards that offer a visually rich data discovery environment directly against native TM1 Cube Views, subsets and queries
  • See how fast you can create and share interactive dashboards
  • Easily blend other data into the analysis including Excel, databases and streaming sources (like message buses, tick databases and CEP engines) and semi-structured data (like PDFs, POS data, etc.)
  • Quickly identify anomalies and outliers using rich visualizations with incredibly fast response time – perfect for Finance and other business users!
Register for our webcast!

Only Datawatch provides a Visual Data Discovery solution that leverages all of the structured and unstructured data within your organization, including real-time sources. Now you can unlock valuable insights from data in static reports, PDF files, print spools and EDI streams. You can visualize both historic as well as rapidly changing data from live budget scenarios and “what if” models, as well as management reports, using real-time data streams from sources like CEP engines, tick or machine data. Datawatch is your solution to Get the Whole Story!